Friday, August 28, 2009

Summer of Fun!

Cousin Tea Party in Aunt Tiffany's House
Sleepover with Faith--the mommies watched Pride and Prejudice!

We dream of Hawaii!

He can't believe I'm leaving him for a month.

Ethan turns 5!

First Day of School

My very handsome and silly husband actually started his second year of dental school on August 3, 2009 but I didn't snap this until later. This is, however, the way he looks every day--scrubs, backpack and water bottle. The water bottle is infamous in that it shows up in all sorts of places. Classmates recognize it now and have been known to comment on its last location.

Melia, Ethan, and blissfully unaware Savannah. She had every intention of staying at school with them. I've never seen her so sad as when I carried her back to the car after taking her siblings to their first day of class. She talks every day about how she needs to get her shots and turn five so she can go to school with Mia and Ethan "tomorrow."

As you can see, I'm none too good at starting new projects. So here it is AUGUST and I'm posting my second time. Since April we have had multiple crazy things happen in our family: school got out, the car burned up and in the process started the house on fire, we have a dog now, the kids and I spent the summer in Washington, and Dustin took his first national board certification exam. Crazy stuff! Now the kids are back in school--Melia in second grade and Ethan in Kindergarten. Savannah is bored (and me too a little) and Dustin is already deep in the throes of his second year at dental school.

Here's to blogging on a quarterly basis!