Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Girls Camp 2010

Finally I went to girls camp as a leader. The pics are of the girls from my ward, but I actually went as a YCL Leader with the Stake. It was fun and challenging and very different from girls camp where I grew up. But that was all the better. I mean, cabins and bathrooms and a cafeteria? So fun! Here are a few pics from our hike. It was a little winding and we took a wrong turn and ended up on some forest road. We finally found cell phone service though and called the pick-up truck to pick us up. It is a ward tradition to get lost on hikes so we felt pressure to live up to the standard. Gotta love it!

Ethan's 6th Birthday!

Our little man turned six this year and started first grade. We can't believe how much he's grown. He is such a big helper and always lasts the longest during family work projects. We are so proud of how fast he is learning and growing. We expect to see great things from him as he gets older. (His cake is a baseball with little baseball cupcakes all around it.)

We love you, buddy!

Melia's 8th Birthday

What a great day for Melia and our family! Our camera broke the week of her birthday so we had to take pictures with our film camera and keep forgetting to get them developed. So those will come later. We are very proud of her for her choice to get baptized. It was so fun to have all of her grandparents here, as well as one uncle and one cousin. What a special day. We know she will continue to develop into a lovely young woman.

We love you sweetie!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Savannah's 4th Birthday

Savannah turned 4 this year. I can't believe how big she is and how responsible she is getting. She loves to sing and play at being a mommy. She won't wear anything but dresses and sandals, and she loves it when I make her hair like Shirley Temple. And she loves Shirley Temple. And The Sound of Music. And pretty much anything girl-y.
May the years bless you, my little Sunshine!

More San Diego Pics

Eggs and Waffles for Breakfast

We Want Shells!

Shell Creations

Day-old Baby Seals with their Mamas

Flying kites, building sandcastles, naps, and new pets.

2nd Annual Spring Break in San Diego

We've decided that the best way to relax is a week in San Diego. We spent 4 fabulous days walking up and down the beach finding beautiful shells to add to our collection. The weather was gorgeous, the KOA accommodating, and the food much better than last year. The kids keep telling me they love the cabin and they want to go back. Me too! Here are some pics of our relaxing week.

New Dog: Roxie

Remmy has been acting lonely whenever I have to be gone for a few hours at a time. So Dustin and I decided she needed a friend. Here is our latest family addition: Roxie.

Hiding from the Kids



Napping with Mom

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Our New Year's Day Trip up the Canyon

My Birthday Dinner

Happy New Year

Originally I planned on writing on New Year's Day but we had such a full one that I've put it off. Several things of note: my 31st birthday, Dustin's friend found his missing phone with all of our vacation pictures on it, school started again, and I received a fourth Church calling.

I loved my birthday. I slept in and had breakfast in bed while watching my new chick flick. After finally getting up I convinced my family to take me up the canyon for some exploring. Then we went to dinner at a great local farm fresh grill and finally ended up at home for cake and ice cream and presents. So fun--Dustin and the kids and my family and Dustin's family all made me feel so special. I love my birthday!

Then, the same weekend, Dustin's friend called to say he had found Dustin's missing phone (for six months--we have already replaced it) under the seat of his car. Yeah! I nearly cried because it was the only record of our trip to the Redwood Forest in California this year. Our other camera had problems that weekend.

School started again and I am slowly cleaning the house after the holiday fun. Savannah is bored and cranky because her playmates left her again and the other two are much better behaved because their little minds are so busy during the day. The routine is slowly returning.

And finally, I received my fourth calling for the new year. I was asked by the stake to serve on the Stake Girls' Camp Staff as the assistant over YCL's. I'm very excited but a little apprehensive since there are about three meetings per month and a lot of extra stuff that will add to an already busy schedule. However, I told the high councilman who called me that I would put up with almost anything to get to participate in girls' camp again--I have great memories of my own camp years.

Dustin continues to be busy with school and work and his calling as the Elder's Quorum President. He loved having a break over Christmas to breathe and remember how to relax.

I'm very excited to begin a new volunteer position at the kids' school with the Art Masterpiece program. Every two weeks I will visit two classrooms with a work of art and lead a 15 minute discussion about it with the children. I'm very excited about this. I went to three trainings for it and I think it will be a fun way to participate in the kids' school day.

Well, that is our update for now. I will post pictures next.

Happy New Year!