Monday, November 23, 2009

Backyard Campfire

Tonight for Family Home Evening Dustin built a campfire pit in our rocks out back and we roasted hotdogs and smores. Then we sang songs, read a conference talk from the Ensign, and Dustin and I took turns telling stories from when we were kids. It was so awesome. I love our kids. They are so smart and they have so many incredible ideas. I love that Savannah kept wanting me to squirt her with water in the mouth because the fire made her hot. I love that Melia found two sticks that she says are her music sticks and she used them to keep the beat while we sang. I love that Ethan thought he had to shout to be heard from the other side of the campfire. I love that my husband thought of using all those rocks to make a fire pit. I love that the honey-do I gave him of getting rid of all the branches I cut off the trees was done by having a blast burning them in the fire pit instead of doing it the boring way and hauling them to the dump like I suggested. I hope when the kids look back on their childhood they remember tonight and know that Mom and Dad love them.

Friday, November 13, 2009

The kids have all discovered the efficacy of blaming the dog for their misdeeds. The following occured just a couple of days ago.
Mom: Where are my chocolates?
Kids: Silence
Mom: Kids, I had a bag of really yummy chocolates I was getting out to share, where are they?
Kids: Silence
Mom: Melia? Did you take them?
Melia: Head shake.
Mom: Where did I put those?
10 minute pause.
Remmy (our one year old pitbull): sniff, chew, sniff, head waggle
Mom: What's up Remmy? What is that around your neck?
The missing bag of chocolates (now significantly smaller) was tied around the dog collar. This might explain the mysterious stomach aches afflicting my delightful children this past weekend. Next time I eat all the cake, or ice cream, or cookies, or candy, I'm blaming it on the one member of our family who can't speak for herself. Poor dog.