Monday, September 7, 2009

Our House

I keep forgeting to send pics of our house here in Mesa, AZ. So here they are!

Weird Glare on our house in Mesa, AZ

You can see our new red van in the driveway. We bought it after the fire in our old one. I should post pics of that too!

One of my two beautiful Bougainvillea bushes.

Orange Tree on the left, Lemon Tree on the right, random bush in the middle, soon-to-be vegetable garden in the back.

My favorite room in the house, The Backyard.

Green Smoothies

This is Savannah drinking a Green Smoothie. We blend a variety of green vegetables and a little fruit into a delicious smoothie. As you can see, Savannah loves her's. We drink them together every morning for a second breakfast. Look them up at

And more pics

Melia's Puppet Show for Ethan and Savannah

Scott, Ethan, Taylor, Dylan on Grandma's Trampoline

Taylor, Scott, Dylan, Ethan, Savannah, Melia at the Aplets and Cotlets Candy Factory

Marc and Ethan on Grandma's Trampoline

Diva Savannah

More Pics from Summer of Fun

Tea Party with Grandma Webb

Dancing with Grammy Bordon

Ethan's Birthday

Ethan's Birthday

This was a serious boy party

Pit Stop

Our friends Brad and Melanie McCally and their two sweet children, Bryson and Annabelle, made a quick pit stop at our house the weekend before Labor Day. It was so awesome to see them! We all met while Dustin, Melia, and I lived in Southfield, Michigan, Summer 2003. Good times and good memories. The last time we saw them was Summer 2005 when we lived in Austin, Texas. They live in San Antonio, Texas now.

Bryson and Ethan

Brad and Dustin

Melanie and Annabelle

Labor Day 2009

One of Dustin's dental school friends has a great-grandpa who acquired some property in the White Mountains of Arizona (near Greer, AZ) sometime in the 60's. Lucky for us, the family has maintained the property beautifully and the friend invited us and some other dental school buddies to spend the weekend there. Despite rain and thunder and lightning, we spent a relaxing weekend in the mountains with temperatures nearly 30 degrees cooler than in Mesa--what a welcome reprieve! The kids and the dog loved the wide open spaces, Dustin and I loved the quiet. Thanks Buehler's and all who came for a great weekend!

Somewhere, Over the Rainbow

This red swing was made from a truck axel and set at a tilt so that the person on the other side is facing the opposite direction. It turns around and around and is super fun!

The pond was fun--Savannah decided to throw her jacket in to "clean" it while everyone was fishing. No fishing pics unfortunately, but four were caught!

Dustin and Ethan

This is the "cabin" we stayed in. It is bigger than our house with totally retro decor. I loved it! The windows on the north side were huge and looked out over the meadow you see in front. The lightning was beautiful from there.